My Story

Our biggest pain is our greatest gain and allows us to expand outside what is ​comfortable to evolve and finally to awaken

-Velcia Scott

The Physical body is just an external representation of the inner self.

Over 40yrs ago, I became involved in team sports as a means to escape from my home reality and find a sense of belonging. The more I trained the better I felt, the better I felt, the more confident I became and with this confidence came a sense of empowerment.

The feelings I derived from being in charge not only of my mind but ultimately of my body, drew me into the field of Fitness. I became a personal trainer to help other women experience the same feelings of empowerment that being physically fit gave me. To my surprise one thing kept coming up over and over again… the mental space my clients needed to be in to accomplish their desired physical goal. I realized at that moment that the Physical body is just an external representation of the inner self.

The real strength, the real confidence, the real change needs to start from within. With my new found awareness, same passion, same insightfulness, came the realization that for me to help and understand others, I first needed to help and understand myself.  All the years I spent focusing on the physical and neglecting the mental had finally caught up to me.  Through personal growth and development and many tears, I have finally found my essence. I understand what drove me and what makes me unique.  My past will no longer haunt and shame me. My journey has led me to a place of joy and gratitude. I have invested in myself and in so doing I have invested in you.  I am now a NLP Master Practitioner/Life coach certified by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As a Certified Life Coach, I encourage my clients to find harmony in life: engage in physical activities and uncover their true being.  If you are willing to invest time & energy into transforming, I will be the support that allows you to move forward with confidence.


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