Quantum Change Process™

Art of Forgiving

Your body holds a memory of every experience you have encountered. This also includes a memory of every emotion or deeply rooted feeling such as fear, guilt, abandonment, humiliation and shame, betrayal or rejection by those we love, or any other attack on your emotional well being.

These memories are stored throughout the body at a cellular level. Each of these memories has a belief attached to it. Once a belief “anchors” in as a result of a traumatic episode or repeated insults to your emotional well being, a cyclical pattern of events is unconsciously initiated and you begin to repeatedly attract similar circumstances into your life. You may be prevented from living the life you want until the root of the issue is consciously released, thereby allowing the cycle to be broken.

Your current reality is a reflection of everything you have learned to believe from life-long programming. Everything you think, feel, say and do is based on your beliefs. Your perception of yourself, the world around you, and how you interact and respond to it is based on your beliefs. Goals may be achieved based on our beliefs , we may equally sabotage every hope and dream based on our beliefs. This, in turn, may manifest as physical illness or unhealthy emotional or behavioural patterns.

It is then essential to understand and clear old, limiting beliefs from your unconscious mind and replace them with positive, life affirming beliefs in order to live the life you consciously choose and desire.

The world as we see it is a physical representation of our inner self. When there is perceived perfection in one aspect and organized chaos in another it is a direct reflection of our angish inside. The part of us we won't acknowledge, the part of us we closet. ​Yet the door remains cracked, just enough to allow our deeply guarded fear to drive us

​- Velcia Scott
​This process and integration:

This quantum level of grounding and lasting change may be experienced in just one fully integrated session.

Single Session Coaching

Real Option for real people ready to face their truth

This communication session offers an immediate solution for any of your short/long term problems.

Are you ready to take action?

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