Weight Management

Discover Your True Self​

Our program is designed for women who:
  • Are experiencing Hormonal changes
  • Have failed in the past to lose weight and keep it off
  • Have survived sexual or physical abuse

We hear your cry and feel your pain and have created a safe place for you to shed the excess weight. Our small group coaching platform is the perfect environment for women to allow their protective filters to fall away. To become vulnerable so you can release the pain and find your strength. We will support you through your journey of transformation. Together we can do this.

Overwriting the misinformation about how you need to eat
Noticing eating triggers and replacing them with healthy habits
Helping you overcome your negative self-talk and toxic beliefs.
Offering a progressive fitness program catering to women
Simple lifestyle adjustments, for long-term durable results. No more guilt. No more shame.



Mind/Body Transformation

Weight Loss Package overview:

Intimate weekly – Tea with me:

– Comfort in your Discomfort
– Excuses are real…..but are they true
– Letting Go….
– Drama that Surrounds you
– Maintaining Boundaries
– Your Turning Point
– Life Lessons
– There’s a hole in my sidewalk
– Learn to F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)

  • Private monthly coaching session
  • Simplified Nutritional Overview
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Closed Facebook women’s only group
  • Text and Phone accessibility
Simple lifestyle adjustments, for long-term durable results. No more guilt. No more shame.
When we withhold love from ourselves due to feelings of unworthiness, doubt, judgement, shame, conflict or even embarrassment about who we are, true internal contentment will elude us as we pursue love through excess; be it food, success or external means of validation.

― Velcia Scott

Maintenance Package (monthly continuation)

Intimate Weekly – Tea with me

  • Individual review of tasks with feedback
  • Closed Facebook Women’s group
  • Text and phone access
Woman listening to music by headphones

Your results are only guaranteed if you follow all your action steps as well as the nutritional transformation program as outlined by your coach. Your outcome is determined by your actions

Single Session Coaching

Real Option for real people ready to face their truth

This communication session offers an immediate solution for any of your short/long term problems.

Are you ready to take action?

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